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Our Brands
For over 50 years Meenan & Co has been Importing and Distributing a wide range of fine wines and spirits from all over the world. Over this time our portfolio has come to include some impressive brands all of which are excellent value for money. A full list of our Brands is listed below. A price list with our complete range of products is available on request. To open a trade account with us or for more information email us at orders@meenans.co.nz or call us on 0800 772 047.
 Scotch Single Malt Whisky
 Blended Scotch Whisky
 Irish Whiskey
 Fortified Wine
 Brandy, Cognac & Armagnac
 Fruit Brandy
Scotch Single Malt Whisky
 Gordon and Macphail Collections
The Worlds largest private collection of Single Malt Whiskies going back to around 1939. Current versions include the Connoisseurs Choice range which includes some very old Single Malts.
The Beautiful Glengoyne Distillery makes a point of not using peat in their whisky. The range is currently undergoing a makeover which will shortly include a 10, 12, 12 cask, 15, 18 and 21yo. The 17yo has been replaced by the 18yo.
The new release of Benromach 10yo has recently won the Best Under 15yo Single Malt at the Hong Kong World Whisky Awards. The range includes the Traditional, 10yo, 10yo Cask, Peat Smoke, Origins, Sassicaia, Organic, 28yo Port Wood and 30yo. 

 Macleods Range
This is a Regional range of 8yo Sngle Malt Whiskies, all of which are used in the classic Isle of Skye 8yo Blend Scotch. The range must remain un named, but its not really too difficult to figure which ones they are. Regardless, the quality of the range is excellent and the value outstanding. Regions covered include Islay, Island, Highland, Lowland and Speyside.

A single malt from another unnamed Islay distillery. Stylistically speaking, its lush and oilly with a rich vein of peaty malt and smokey beach bonfires in there. Another award winner.

Blended Scotch Whisky
 Isle of Skye
The 8yo is our house blend. As such it over delivers on evert aspect of the blend - the malt content is around 40% and the age is over 8yo.
The Whisky Bible rates it 94/100 which is a stunning achievement.
We also have a 12yo. Its simply a rich and lush blend that is expected to somehow surpass the 8yo. Its a completely different blend of course, bigger and fatter allround.
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 Islay Mist
Another multiple award winner. We carry the Deluxe, 12yo and 17yowhich all won their respective categories at the WWA recently. The deluxe is a delicious Laphroaig based blend, with some soft sweet highland malt underpinning the whole. It was initially created to celebrate the local Lairds 21st birthday, but the blend was lost sometime during the war years. Its back now, with a vengence...

 Six Isles
This award winner (the Queens Export Award for best new product) is a blend of single malts from the six whisky producing Islands - Islay, Skye, Orkney, Jura, Mull and Arran. Classic Island style - lush and fat flavours with a waft of peat floating about 1/3rd the way down. Delicious.

Irish Whiskey
Two Malts from the Cooley stable in Ireland. One a peated version  and the other with no peat. The Cooley malts are indeed worthy additions.

 Cousino Macul
Founded in 1856, Cousiño Macul is the only winery in Chile amongst those established in the 19th century that continues in the hands of the original founding family. Quality is the driver for this company and the wines simply speak for themselves
 Ch Mignan Estate
AC Minervois - La Laviniere is a  premium area of the Languedoc. Situated a few minutes in the valley behind the old city of Carcasonne, Chateau Mignan produces wines consisting of Syrah, Mouvedre and very old Carignan. Rich and supple, the wines are much admired in NZ.
 Adet Seward Negocients
Old Bordeaux negocients that continue to operate under the umbrella of Bardinet. A selection of wines from all over France that are designed for domestic sale. As such, they offer excellent quality and value – not to mention being true to the style of the region from whence they come. Adet also label their own branded regional wines – from Bordeaux, St Emilion, Muscadet, Chablis that are excellent value for money.

 Grao Vasco
Grao Vasco produce a series of Portuguese regional wines that we liked for their originality, quality and value. Typically Portuguese, they are produced from the Dao region in the North, the Douro in the middle and Alentejano in the south.
 Charles Brotte
Based in the old Roman town of Orange, this producer supplies a range of wines from all over the Rhone and Southern Rhone regions. Everything from the exquisite Domaine Barville Chateauneuf du Pape Optimum to the delightful  Cotes du Provence Rose.

Fortified Wine
 Offley Porto
This old Port House has been trading with Dunedin since 1840 (they were founded in 1770). Renowned for the Quinta da Boa Vista, their real strength is in the blending prowess of their Tawny ports.
 Ferreira Porto
The great Lady of Port – the Dona Antonio Adelaide Ferreira secured the future of this house. Their vintage ports are of the first rank and the great wine of Portugal is the Duc de Braganca 20yo Tawny – named after the King of Portugal, who, with the Dona Antonio and the Baron Offley de Forrester set in train the system of Port Lodges based in Oporto today.
 Barbadillo Sherry
Antonio Barbadillo from Sanlucar de Barameda, the home of Manzanilla produce a range of wines that include the famous Solear Manzanilla and the exquisite La Cilla Pedro Ximenez.
Brandy, Cognac & Armagnac
 Beehive Brandy
The best brandies in France come from the north western area – Cognac and Armagnac. This brandy is produced from these regions in and around the old town of Bordeaux. Frangrant, smooth with sweet fruit, this grape brandy is the best quality available today.
 Peyrat Cognac
A very small company that hand selects the cognacs that make up their selection of estate labelled cognac. Their blends – the VS, VSOP and XO are drawn largely from these estate with a large component of Grand Champagne involved. Excellent quality.
 Constantino Brandy
Portuguse Brandy produced from the Vino Verde of the country, the  fruity and fragrant brandy is very popular in a town that really appreciates great brandy.
St Vivant Armagnac
Coming back into stock after a long absence, this Armagnac in the iconic bottle has been widely and very well received. We have the VSOP and XO expressions in stock.

Fruit Brandy
 La Cigogne
This label come the Alsace, an area famous for wines and fruit brandies. These 500mL packs are excellently priced and are classic styles of eau de vie. The range includes Kirsch, Williams, Quetche, Mirabelle and Framboise.

Two rums: one from Demerara and the other a blend from Barbados and Demerara. Bottled in Scotland where they also know quite a lot about rum.
 Dillon Rhum
We import a Vieux and a Blanc. The Vieux is around 7yo and is a smooth soft styled rum. The 50% Blanc Rum is very smooth for such a strong rum and makes a brilliant base for the Planters Punch – the classic rum sour.
 J. Bally
The Rums from the French territory of Martinique are called Agricole – meaning they are produced from fresh cane juice. With French oak involved as well, these rums become very brandy like.
 El Dorado 15yo
This Demerara Rum has won so many awards its difficult to know how to list them. Rich and smooth, the flavours of muscavado sugar, prunes and dates is quite special. Its really no longer a Rum at this age  – it’s a Liqueur.
 London Hill
The premium London Dry Gin that’s a multi award winner. The Gin is bottled at 43% to retain that long smooth flavour that is the basis of great Gin and Tonic.
The second label of London Hill, this is an English Bottled Gin in a value 1 Litre pack

 Aalborg Akvavit
The favourite spirit of Denmark (and a lot of Scandinavia), we import a range of different style. Taffel (the red label) is the most complex and widely sold. Drink well chilled as a digestif.
 Bardinet Liqueurs
A large range of quality and value liqueurs from France.  
 Atholl Brose
The Worlds No1 Whisky Liqueur comes in a newly packaged 500mL bottle. Single Malt is the basis on the liqueur and it shows.
 Negrita Cream Liqueur
Negrita is Frances largest selling rum. This Cream Liqueur has it at is heart and the extra spiciness it imparts is quite delicious.

 Alexandra Cream
The Whisky Cream liqueuris vanilla based. Its soft smooth flavours have broad general appeal and are quite typical for this style of liqueur

A reposado tequila ideal for those ice cold Margueritas